Little Big Hunt 2013

Hey my Darlings !
So today, I going to talk about a new hunt brought to you by Covert Affairs and called : Little Big Hunt

Little Big Hunt Logo

You’re probably wondering what this new hunt? So well , This is the theme explanation given by organizers:

“Anything little or big!  This can be anything from huge chunky rings, to gigantic hair, to a tiny bikini, to a large pose for LOTS of people, and even an itty bitty tattoo!  Use your imagination! “

The hunt Goes from April 30th to May 30th and you have to find a sack doll across the 31 participating stores. Yes, 31 stores!

You looking for this doll 😀

 All hunt hints and store list is located here:  Covert Affairs

More posts about hunt items following, but meanwile : Enjoy & Good luck !

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