I put a spell…on the web

For those who know me (and for those who do not know me yet), not a surprise to learn that I am a roleplayer for .. well since I came in Second Life. I have known many RP, I’ve been involved in some, and not in others. They are those that I left (many) and those where I stayed (a few, really).
One of them, THE ONE I’m talking to you, particularly close to my heart because I RP there since its founding and its called : Mischief Managed (originally Hogwarts: Your Story for former rpers like me).

In a few days, Mischief Managed will launch its new website and you’ll be dazzled! Besides the design which is quite gorgeous, you will find everything you need to live out your experience at this RP which has already done so much talk about it. Wanna know more eh ? Well well my darlings I will blurt out some info  to satisfy your curiosity. So, on the website… there will be a sim calendar, a really great blog, roleplay guides and everything your character might need such as a list of spells and plants and finally … errm.. to learn more I suggest you go for a ride on the web bewitched by us 😉
At the moment, I just can reveal the small thumbnail that you can see on the photo but do not worry! Mischief Managed is available on many social networks such as Facebook, Plurk & Twitter, but also on Flickr for those who want an overview of what to expect before joining us.

So if you ever wonder what Mischief Managed is ,follow all the breaking news by clicking on the magical links that I have brings up to you!

Magically yours !

Mischief Managed Links (just click and go 🙂 )
Mischief Managed RP Sim

Skin : Snow Rabbit :  Hybrid Avatar_Nea_Milky White
Hair : [LeLutka]-VIBRATO hair/Naturals
Shirt : Schadenfreude -White Oxford Shirt
Tie : Schadenfreude- You-Know-Who Necktie Pack
Sweater : *BOOM* House of the Eagle Vest
Robe : (TokiD) Mayallivander cape (ravenclaw)
Pygmy puff : Ohmai Emporium -Pygmy Puff celeste & Tea rose @Mischief Managed RP Sim

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