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Hello my dear dalings !
I had a grueling week, real life is sometimes a hassle especially when you have to work under a blazing sun and scorching heat. But when I come to SL, it is somehow refreshing. I have many things to show you in a very short time (it will become my mantra I think.).
Recently I received furniture (including a house) from a very talented designer. There are so many things I want to show you that I should write 3 post. So I’ll do it easier if I can!

So, here are some items from StoraxTree a furniture store I just know. I would  advise you to visit the website of the designer, Kate McLagen, for further information.
I really like the style, it’s clean, it’s really pretty and it fits all themes. In the future I would try to blog a little more of her great items as soon as possible. I do not
often blog furniture, because I almost never get furniture and it’s a shame because I like to decorate my home, I frequently change the decoration, depending on my mood  or the season.

So well, this store really deserves to be known!

Credits (simple this time )

All furniture and Home : StoraxTree By Kate McLagen

PS : StoraxTree events

  •  COMING SOON – 1L Gatchas for china set items (dishes & serving pieces)
  •  Monday Mania
  • Secret Wednesday
  • 55L Thursday 
  • And so many more !

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