"Fate " accompli

It was inevitable that it happens one day :  write for men. But it is not difficult when the designer is a genius, and his clothes fabulous. You must have heard about, because it was one of the prominent events of September : the FATEwear opening, created by the talented Damien Fate himself.And once you have seen the beautiful items, you can visit the place .. which is superb. Luckily I had a male model at hand. This is the opportunity to introduce my male alter ego, my best friend : Jonathan Gracemount. Keep it for yourself, but .. I think he liked to be my model for a day 🙂

Skin : VCD – Rafael Vintage Fair skin
Hair :*Dura-Boys&Girls*19
Shirt : FATEwear – Irwin Casual 
Pants : FATEwear Pants – Jack 
Shoes : :::insanya::: Dunkers Mid-Shoes – Art Wall

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