Un jour mon prince …


Something is sure: I do not believe in  Charming Prince, or in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, well, I don’t believe! And I’m going to stop believing in humankind, when I see some behaviors (SL or RL is the same), this frantic quest for fame at the expense of morality and generosity, this lack of compassion for the humblest, selfishness, racism, cruelty, human stupidity which is always manifested more each day. But I find it charming, all these fairytales, and sometimes it’s nice to dream of a better world, full of fairy dust and good feelings.

In real life there are movies and books to make us dream, on SL there are designers to put magic in our virtuality. Anyway, when I saw this set of crown and wand from Secrets ,this gorgeous skin from Essences and these cute earrings from Sorbet. I have been inspired by the fairyhood emanating from these beautiful creations.



Mesh head : CATWA HEAD Dyana

Skin applier : Essences -Zara  #07 [ZaraP02] @ Shiny Shaby

Eyes : L’Etre – Mesh Eyes [#2] PeacockEyes

Hair : Beusy x Sabotage: Salacia Hair


Dress : :Moon Amore: Giovanna Dress (Rose) @Collabor88

Necklace : -SECRETS- Glinda Necklace – Gold @ Enchantment

Crown :-SECRETS- Glinda Crown – Gold

Wand :-SECRETS- Glinda Wand – Gold

Earrings : Sorbet. PomPom Studs [Pink] 50% off @ SanRae event

Pink particles : Cole’s Corner – Summer Solstice – (plushie)


Pose prop : Exposeur – Fairytale Tower

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