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Today is the day of workers here in France, a holiday, even though most people work. It turns out that by chance it is not my work week so my day off is precisely today. I work in hospitals and therefore the holidays are not for us. But it gives me time to blog a bit and show you pretty things like this pose from Fashiowl Poses including the bicycle and the dog with 4 different poses. I like the idea of the basket in front of the bike, it immediately gives a holiday atmosphere. The dress comes from KiB designs and is available in several colors and the last day is today to have these special colors.

But do you know what May 1st means? And why do we offer a touch of lily of the valley? There are several traditions, but I know only the most recent. As every year since 1947, Labor Day is celebrated on May 1st. A May 1 for the least agitated a few days of the second round of the presidential election. While the Unions will once again march through France, they will not be united behind the same banner. The two candidates for the presidential election will each hold a new electoral campaign.The lily of the valley will be there, as every year. More than 75 million strands of thrush will be sold in France. You can therefore find this flower of this May 1st florists, but also in all the street corners. The Red Cross, the Secours Populaire and the many sellers are often selling lily-of-the-valley.

On 1 May, a public holiday, paid since 1947 in France, ie 61 years after the birth of a trade union movement in Chicago on 1 May 1886, claimed an eight-hour working day. It is from this mobilization that the Labor Day 2017 has its roots, in France as in other countries. The celebration makes the streets force thrush. A flower that ended up in the buttonhole of those who have demonstrated for a more balanced worker life since 1976.

The flower is also that of dating. For a long time, “balls of the lily of the valley” were organized in Europe. It was, moreover, one of the only balls of the year in which the parents had no right of quoting. On that day the girls dressed in white and the boys adorned their buttonholes with a sprig of lily of the valley. In Paris, at the beginning of the century, fashion designers in offer three strands to the workers and small hands.

But it was not until 1976 that he was associated with the May Day celebration. On the lapel of protesters, it replaces the wild rose and the red triangle which symbolized the division of the day into three equal parts: work, sleep, recreation.

It is the exception that is the rule. Usually, the sale of flowers on the public road is forbidden (apart from florists stalls, of course). However, on 1 May, the sale of wild lily of the valley is permitted for individuals “exceptionally in accordance with a long tradition”.

In April 1947, the Liberal government confirmed that May 1 would remain a paid holiday.

Today, Labor Day is commemorated by a non-working day in most European countries with the exception of Switzerland and the Netherlands. May 1 is also celebrated in South Africa, Latin America, Russia, Japan. In the United Kingdom, the first Monday in May is celebrated. In the United States, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September. This day tribute to the labor movement was born in 1887, at the request of trade unions, after the killing of Chicago. But, at the request of US President Grover Cleveland, it was not set May 1 so as not to recall this dramatic moment.

That’s the historical part, I think it’s important to remember that our ancestors fought, so that the workers have a better life, we must not forget it, and above all we must continue the struggle when our rights are Disregarded, often for the sake of cost savings.

Good first May, and that little lily of the valley brings you luck and happiness.


Mesh head : CATWA HEAD Catya
Skin : Insol: Yolo Gacha #8 (ST Milk) *Gacha item
Hair : !Oleander ~ Minerva. Natural Tones
Makeup : alaskametro<3 “Blossom” makeup palette

Dress : KiB Designs – Lou Minidress @ The Darkness Monthly Event
Choker : PEACHES. – Old Times Choker  @ The Secret Hideout
Ring : (Yummy) Spring Bouquet Suite – Pearl
Chocolate : [Cosmic Dust] – Love Potion Choco Bar Mouthie
Shoes : PEACHES. – Maiden Shoe//Red @ The Secret Hideout

Pose prop (Bicycle & dog) : = Fashiowl Poses = Let’s Go  @ Lost & Found
Location : Sommergewitter

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