tough lover

The seven sisters got nothing on him
I’m talking about a lover who’s fast as the wind
Everyone will talk about how he got me fixed
It ain’t voodoo, it’s just that twist
He will be the greatest lover that ever come to pass
Don Juan ain’t got the half the chance

He’s a tough lover (yeah, yeah)
A tough lover (woo)
He’s a tough lover (yeah, yeah)
A tough lover (oh oh)


Mesh head : Catwa – Catya
Skin : pumec. kendra – december gift
Eyes : ANATOMY – VIE EYES – BROWN @ Blush Event

Lashes : .euphoric ~Lena Lashes @ Kinky Event
Lipstick :.euphoric ~Lena Lipstick@ Kinky Event
Eyeliner :.euphoric ~Lena Eyeliner @ Kinky Event
Nails : Pink Hustler dream // UNICORN #10
Highlighter & freckles : The Horror!~ Faux Beauty@ Blush Event

Hair : little bones. Ion

Hat :MUSHILU – Ming Ming Gacha – Cap pink@ Kinky Event
Dress :MUSHILU – Ming Ming Gacha – Dress pink@ Kinky Event
Stockings :MUSHILU – Ming Ming Gacha -stockings pink@ Kinky Event
Shoes : N-core CORINA @ Kinky Event
Collar : :::NOIR::: Waifu Choker@ Kinky Event

Monkey lamp : … SpotCat … Monkey Lamp @ AVENUE event
Chines lantern : +Half-Deer+ Chinese Lanterns

Pose prop (bed): Fashiowl Poses – Secret Bed @ The Coven Event

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