Love and that’s all …

Love and that's all

An event to opened its doors : Pulse fundraiser. This event is very important and dear to me. The funds raised will be distributed directly to the victims of Orlando shooting and their families . You will find all infos here !


So many people I love, whether among my friends or my family are gay, bi-sexual, Pan … This killing shook us both by violence, and by the fact  it shows that Love has still barriers to break. Despite the fact that we live a modern era, a so-called era of freedoms and social advances, hatred is still there.

Racism, homophobia, xenophobia and many others … How many people have to die before humans ends up love their neighbor?
I never understood all this hate. Perhaps because of the education I received and benevolent atmosphere in which I have lived in my family? My parents always taught us to love others as they are, without judging and without prejudice.

My father is white (from an old Norman family) and my mother is black (she is Mauritian, with Malagasy  and Hindu origins) so my brothers and I are mixed. You will say that it has nothing to do, but believe me when I told you I know what it’s like to be hated, judged, belittled and even assaulted because of its difference.

All I hope is to live long enough to see a peaceful world. Maybe you’ll find me naive and stupid, but I have not yet lost faith in human being.

And as the Beatles said : All you need is love 


Skin, hair & cosmetics

Mesh head : CATWA HEAD Helena

Skin : Atelier Pepe – Andrea (Light)

Mesh hands : Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands  – Casual

Face glitters : Izzie’s – Rainbow Glitter (Pulse Exclusive) @ Pulse Fundraiser

Body glitters : Izzie’s – Rainbow Glitter (Pulse Exclusive) @ Pulse Fundraiser

Hair : [DUE] Ivy @ Pulse Fundraiser

Nails polish : Bella Elephante – Rainbow Heart (Exclusive for the fundraiser ) 100% Donation @ Pulse Fundraiser


Top : Foxes – Pulse Tee – Pride @ Pulse Fundraiser

Skirt : >Noir Neige< Coco Skirt- Pack3 ( pink & light green)

Shoes : REIGN.– BOW WEDGE FLIP FLOPS @ Pulse Fundraiser


Bracelets : Izzie’s – Pride Bracelet @ Pulse Fundraiser

Ring & Choker : [ bubble ] Heart Set – SLB13 Gift

Macaron : sue cream. sakura macaron @ Pulse Fundraiser

Decor & Poses

Tent : 7mad;Ravens Pulse Backyard Teepee @ Pulse Fundraiser

Flag : unKindness – Wall Tapestry Pride @ Pulse Fundraiser

Board : 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Window Of Hope White @ Pulse Fundraiser

Sheep sit : Little Llama – Rainbow Sheep @ Pulse Fundraiser

Poses : //elephante poses// Love (100% Donation) @ Pulse Fundraiser

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