Expo Rose 2016


Hello Lovelies !

You must be wondering why that title? Well, because I live on the French Riviera and that at that moment, at Grasse (where my family live) there is  Expo Rose 2016 and that the crown I am wearing made me think of .

The city becomes a garden and the queen of flowers is exposed: 8500 roses bouquets, 13000 roses for sale , and 25000  cut roses enhance fountains and squares. May is the month of roses and Grasse pays homage by hosting the 46th international exhibition. For ExpoRose  2016, the city chose the theme of the Roaring Twenties and Grasse  invites visitors to rediscover the frenzied atmosphere boisterous, elegant and cheerful of the finest moments of Charleston. Stroll through the streets of the historic heart, gourmet market, flower walks, guided tours, musical impromptu, magazine show, parades and races surprises. Let the festivities begin !

I love this time of year, my father bought me a rose bush (as late birthday gift lol) and he planted it in his garden because he knows I’m not a good gardener.


But enough about tourism, and rather talk about fashion!

The dress is from The Annex, a store I just join as a blogger. This dress is called Natasha, and is available in White, Black, Nude and Red. You can buy it at The Buy Now. But what The Buy Now will you tell me?

A unique ONLINE shopping experience that is built around a popular tool, the Linden Lab Marketplace. While keeping the basic “buy & sell” routine in mind, I wanted to come up with an event that was “outside the cube” & dodge some common bullets that occur inworld, with the traditional shopping events. Things like enormous amounts of lag, capped capacity regions causing them to fill quickly, waiting days to get your hands on items you want right now, rezz issues, failed deliveries … you get my drift.

The ☆BUY NOW☆ collective is made up of SecondLife’s finest brands, coming together to provide you with a more chillax shopping experience. So don’t toss that lappy in the garbage just yet! We will have a plethora of products sure to satisfy your “shop til you drop” cravings! Fashion, Skins, Hair, Body, Accessories, Tattoo, Mesh, Applier, Poses and more, for men and women, kids … mainstream, fantasy … I am striving for vast variety!

Shopping from the ☆BUY NOW☆ network could potentially introduce you to brands that are new to you. You can easily access our brand participants inworld landmarks, blog, policies and browse through pages of our past works, all with a few clicks of a button. No need to strip down to a floating head just to snatch the items you are after, shop from the comfort of your home! Buy all the things, NOW!

Join the ☆BUY NOW☆ inworld group, for access to our monthly shopping list! It is FREE to join and chat will be active, so you can help each other out and gab about your finds! Find the group joiners inside participating brand inworld stores OR paste this link into your local chat! secondlife:///app/group/aadd83e7-c2a4-5ed8-f3ed-2c617fe8c66f/about

☆BUY NOW☆ first round is May 1st, 2016! Convenient, especially if like me, you are not inclined to the crowded sims where you crash all the time.

Snapshot_004The crown comes from MadPea and love it! I got it at The Gacha Garden.
Regarding the skin you guessed it, it comes from L’Etre, the famous Hailey I’ve blogged before. Isn’t she lovely?

On these fine words Ladies …

Happy shopping 


Mesh head : CATWA HEAD [Gwen]

Skin applier : L’Etre Skin Shop – Hailey Skin [Golden Tone]

Eyes : L’Etre – Mesh Eyes [#59]

Hair : MINA – Chantal

Eyeshadow : L’Etre – Ivy Eyeshadow [#3]

Lipstick : L’Etre – Hailey lipstick [#5]


Dress : The Annex – Natasha Dress – Black Lace Find the black one here @ Buy Now

Shoulders roses : Zibska ~ Roos

Crown : MadPea Floral Crowns – Lilah @THE GATCHA GARDEN

Shoes : R.icielli – SARIN High Heels for LOVE MOMMY HUNT 2016

Pet : HEXtraordinary Perky Pekingese – Tuxedo @THE GATCHA GARDEN

Location : The Outer Garden



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